About Bitexen Price Alert

About Bitexen Price Alert

How can I create a price alert?
  1. After logging into your account on g.bitexen.com
    1. Click on the "My Alarms" button on the top right of the homepage, or
    2. On the Trade and Instant Trade screens, go to the "My Alerts" tab in the "Orders" section where your orders are located and click the "Add Alarm" button.
  1. From the window that opens, you can select the Base Unit and Counter-Unit you want to create a price alert for.
  1. You can manually enter the Trigger Price you want to set an alarm for, or you can increase or decrease the price by percentage with the slider below the price. If you want to generate an alert for a price that falls outside the rates in the slider, you can manually enter the price.
  1. When you click the “Add” button, your alarm will be created.
*In the alerts you will create for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) and Binance USD (BUSD), you can create more trading pairs for your alert by selecting these assets as the Counter Currency, not the Base Currency. In the alarms you will create for other assets, choosing as Base Unit or Counter Unit will not affect the number of trading pairs.

How can I see the price alert I created?
You can view the alarms you have created by going to the "My Alarms" tab in the windows you have created alarms.
For each alarm you create, you can view Market (Basic Unit and Counter Unit), Direction (Alarm price relative to market price), “Alarm Price” and “Continuity” (Whether your alarm will work once or continuously).

Will alarm notification be transmitted?
When you create an alarm or when the alarm you created occurs, a notification will be sent from the Bitexen web and mobile application. In order to send a notification, your account must be logged in.

How can I cancel my alarm?
From the list on the screen where you view your alarms, you can cancel your alarm by clicking the crossed “X” on the far right of your alarm. 

How many alarms can I create?
You can create up to 10 alarms.

How long are the alarms valid?
Your alarms that are not triggered for 90 days will be cancelled.

Can my alarm be triggered at a different price than the alarm price I created?
Your alarm is triggered at the alarm price you created. However, in some cases (such as rapid price fluctuations), there is a possibility that it will be triggered at price levels close to the alarm price, not exactly at the alarm price you have created.

Bitexen is not responsible for any damages that may arise if your alarm is not realized exactly at the price you set the alarm for, does not occur due to various unforeseen technical reasons, or occurs late.

How many times is the alarm triggered in the continuous option?
In the Continuous option, your alarm will not be canceled when it occurs, and your alarm will be triggered whenever the alarm price condition is met.

Note on Advanced View Options:
In the Advanced View options on the g.bitexen.com website, the Orders section and the Alarm line you have created can appear smaller. In this case, you can switch between the headings using the direction keys in the Orders section and see the My Alerts tab. You can also view the alarm details and cancel flag using the scroll bar below the alarm list you have created.

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