Convert Small Balances to BTXN

Convert Small Balances to BTXN

You can easily convert your small cryptocurrency balances to BTXN, which are below the minimum order limits.

To convert your small balances to BTXN;

On Bitexen webpage;
  1. Go to the "Accounts > Account Summary" page or "BTXN Profile > BTXN Loyalty" page from the Homepage.
  2. Click on the "Convert Small Balances to BTXN" button
  3. Select the small cryptocurrency balances you want to convert to BTXN and click on "Convert Selected" button
  4. Or click on the "Convert All" in order to convert all small balances you have.

On Bitexen mobile application;
  1. Go to "Account" menu
  2. Click the "Convert Small Balances to BTXN" button,
  3. Select the small cryptocurrency balances you want to convert to BTXN and click on "Convert" button

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