FAQ About EXEN Coin

FAQ About EXEN Coin

Notice: The distribution of 5 Million EXEN Coins, as part of the membership and reference campaign was completed as of 22.09.2020.

1. How many EXEN Coins will be produced in total?
Only 15 million EXEN Coins will be produced, and after this number is reached, no new  EXEN  Coins will be produced.
2. At What Price Will You Sell?
EXEN Coins are not sold by Bitexen to users for a fee, they are distributed to users free of charge. On EXEN Coin boards, users will be able to trade among themselves at the prices they determine.

3. To Whom Will EXEN Coins Be Distributed?
5 million  EXEN  Coins will be distributed to users who are members of Bitexen and have their accounts verified, and to users who refer to these users. The remaining  EXEN  Coins will be distributed to users through periodic campaigns and competitions.

4. Will it be distributed equally to everyone?
More distribution will be done for the initial users; The distribution method stated in the  EXEN  Coin Distribution and Repurchase Plan will be followed.

5. When will my EXEN  Coins be transferred to my account?
During the day, the system will automatically check the user membership approval status and transfer EXEN Coins to approved users and reference users.

6. Can I See How Many EXEN Coins Have Been Distributed?
Yes, we publish the current amount distributed on the system and the current stage. Click here to view Distribution&Repurchase Information.

7. Can I See How Many EXEN Coins I Have Received For Users I Referred To?
Yes, you will be able to monitor how much  EXEN  Coin you have received for each user you refer to in your user panel.
8. How Much EXEN Coin Will You Get From Buyback Periods?
In each buyback period, we will announce in advance the amount of cryptocurrency we will use for the purchase. How many  EXEN  Coins we can buy will be determined by the prices on the trading boards. You can find detailed information from Distribution & Repurchase Information.

9. I Want to Own More EXEN Coins, Can I Buy in Bulk at a Certain Price?
Since EXEN  Coin is not an ICO, we do not sell  EXEN  Coin as a platform, we distribute it for free. If you want to have more EXEN Coins, you can refer more of your friends, buy  EXEN  Coins from other users on  EXEN  Coin trading boards, or participate in prize competitions.
10. When Will Bitexen Buy EXEN Coins?
The start of distribution of EXEN Coins has been determined as August 1, 2018.

For 3 days following the end of each subsequent quarter, Bitexen will regularly purchase EXEN Coin at the market prices of the EXEN Coin boards it has opened, at 50% of its crypto-money income at that time, and destroy it on the Blockchain and put it out of circulation.

Regular purchases will continue as long as there are EXEN Coins that are still not bought and destroyed by Bitexen.

11. Will Bitexen Set a Ceiling Price While Buying EXEN Coins?
Until 14 million  EXEN  Coins are reclaimed, no matter how high the price is, purchases will be made from  EXEN  Coin trading boards. The average  EXEN  Coin price in the last 1 year will be determined as the ceiling price and  the last 1 million  EXEN  Coins will be bought back as per this price.

12. What Type of Orders Will Bitexen Enter the Market During the Buyback Program?
As market maker and market buyer, purchases will be made by entering both types of orders.

13. When Should I Sell My EXEN Coins?
The EXEN Coin model is based on the principle that EXEN Coin gains in value as the transaction volume increases with the number of users and the amount of coins in circulation decreases with regular buybacks. You can keep your EXEN Coins for a long time for more profit, or you can sell on EXEN Coin trading boards as soon as the market price meets your earnings target.
14. What is the Difference of EXEN Coin Distribution from ICO?
ICOs, which have hundreds of examples in the crypto-currency market and whose main purpose is crowd funding, are to provide the necessary funds for their projects by selling the tokens they have produced on the blockchain for a certain price, within a certain calendar.

Some of the cryptocurrencies produced for the ICO are reserved for the founders and investors, and the rest is sold to users at a determined price. By purchasing these tokens, you are investing in a kind of project by funding. In case the project is successful, the tokens you own may exceed the value you have purchased, and you may gain profit, or in the opposite case, your investment may result in loss.

All of the EXEN Coins will be distributed to its users free of charge by Bitexen.

15. Will EXEN Coin Distribution and Redemption Conditions Change?
Bitexen reserves the right to change the  EXEN  Coin distribution and redemption conditions stated in this document, limited to the realization of the following situations:
  1. Making legal arrangements that will directly affect Bitexen's crypto-currency trading platform activities, commission income and accounting,
  2. On January 1, 2019, the amount of EXEN Coins distributed to users until that date was less than 1,000,000,
  3. Bitexen undertakes to promptly inform its users about the renewed conditions when any of the above-mentioned situations occur.

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