How is the Distribution and Repurchase Plan of BTXN Coin?

How is the Distribution and Repurchase Plan of BTXN Coin?

How Does BTXN Coin Distribution and Repurchase Happen?
BTXN Coin distributions were made in 4 stages to our users who created an account at Bitexen, and each stage started with the condition that all BTXN Coins in the previous stage were distributed. In line with the predetermined protocols in the BTXN Coin Prospectus, the distribution of BTXN Coin was completed after the distribution of 5 million BTXN. You can find detailed information in the BTXN Coin Prospectus.

After the distribution of 5 Million Coins, the BTXN Coin campaign, which was distributed as part of the membership and reference campaign, was completed as of 22.09.2020
How Does BTXN Coin Buyback Happen?
Bitexen, every month, uses half of the transaction revenues of its users from crypto asset transactions and all of the transaction income from BTXN Coin trading, repurchases the BTXN Coins it distributes to its users free of charge on the platform and destroys the BTXN Coins it buys on the Ethereum blockchain. it does. The amount of destroyed BTXN Coin is shared with our users on There is no direct interference with the BTXNs in your balance when making buybacks.
At What Price Do Buybacks Happen?
 Buybacks take place on the BTXN/TRY trading board. During the buy-back dates, Bitexen enters buy-sell orders on the BTXN/TRY trading board according to the market price determined from the trades between users and performs the BTXN Coin buy-back. Click here for detailed information.
Will BTXN Coins in My Account Be Affected?
 Bitexen performs buybacks on the sell orders placed on the BTXN/TRY trading board. Therefore, the BTXN Coins in your account cannot be taken back from you unless you place a sell order on the BTXN/TRY trading board.

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