I Made a Cryptocurrency Withdrawal. When Will It Be Completed?

I Made a Cryptocurrency Withdrawal. When Will It Be Completed?

Your transfer will go to the wallet address you submitted, after receiving the number of blockchain approvals determined by the receiving platform. Blockchain approval refers to the number of confirmations a crypto transfer must receive on the blockchain.
In mining cryptocurrencies, block network approval is given by miners. In non-mining cryptocurrencies, it is given by the administrators of the relevant network.
 For example; The XRP is not mined and the blockchain approval is given by the XRP network administrators.
 The confirmation time of a cryptocurrency transfer varies according to the density of the relevant network and the transfer fee of the sender. The approval period is determined independently of Bitexen.

After you start your crypto money transfer, you can follow the network status from the panel that opens by clicking on the “Accounts” menu, then the TxID link below the “Info” column in the “My Trade History” section.

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