Increase Limits Feature

Increase Limits Feature

Increase Limits Feature, helps you to increase trading limits Instant Trade. Thanks to this feature;
  1. On Instant Trade, you can increase the maximum amount of your orders approximately by 5 times. The amount of increase varies based on cryptocurrencies.
  2. You can create your high-volume orders more quickly and easily.
This feature can be used for the following trading pairs listed on Instant Trade;
  1. Trading pairs with cryptocurrencies which are listed only on Instant Trade and not listed on PRO board (for example you can use this feature ts with AXS/ARK trading pair, but not with AXS/SAND or AVAX/SAND trading pairs)
  2. Trading pairs to be created between cryptocurrencies listed only on Instant Trade and BTC, ETH, USDT and BUSD (For example; AXS/USDT, AXS/BTC, AXS/ETH, AXS/BUSD)
To take advantage of this feature;
  1. Click the Buy or Sell button for the cryptocurrency you want to trade on the Instant Trade menu.
  2. When you select the trading pair in accordance with the above categories, the phrase "Increase limits" will appear on the screen with a checkbox.
  3. By ticking this statement, your maximum order quantity will increase.
  4. Then you can set the amount you want to trade and execute your transaction.
Cryptocurrency market can show high price volatility. For this reason, when you increase your order amount with the "Increase the maximum amount" feature, the average buying-selling prices at which the order will be executed may also change.

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