Margin Trading Through a Third Party Platform

Margin Trading Through a Third Party Platform

How to start margin trading on the 3rd party platform?

  1. Create a margin account
After you create a margin account on Bitexen Global you will have to create a margin account with a 3rd party, approve your account opening on the 3rd party platform
  1. Fund your margin account 
Your margin account funds on Bitexen Global will allow you to use these funds as a collateral for margin trading on the 3rd party platform.
  1. Start margin trading on the 3rd party platform

How to open margin account?

  1. Create a Bitexen Global account, log in and complete KYC steps
  2. Go to Accounts menu on the top menu and select Account Summary
  3. Click Margin menu on the bottom left panel
  4. Click Create Account on top left of the screen
  5. Click Start on the pop-up screen
  6. Complete Margin Quiz
  7. Read Margin Risk Statement Disclosure carefully, if you agree with the terms and risks about margin trading click on Agree and click Submit
  8. Set your margin leverage choice between 1:5 to 1:50 and click Continue button
  9.  Finally after reviewing leverage details click Approve button
  10. You will receive an e-mail from the third party platform
  11. Follow the instructions in the e-mail to open your account and complete your account opening on the 3rd party platform
  12.  By clicking Update Leverage button you can update leverage between 1:5 and 1:50
  13. By using Reset Password button, you can update your password on the 3rd party platform. An SMS  will be sent to your phone so that you can enter the verification code, an email will be sent by 3rd party with your new login details and your password
  14. You can also press the navy blue icon next to Reset Password for visiting the 3rd party website
  15. Ater you created a margin account on your Bitexen Global account, you will directed to a third party platform for margin trading.

How to fund your margin account?

  1. For funding your margin account on Bitexen Global;
  2. Deposit crypto currency (USDT) to your Bitexen Global account or buy USDT with your funds
  3. Go to Margin menu and click Transfer
  4. Transfer the USDT amount you prefer from Main account to Margin account
  5. You will be able to screen your balance in the account you created on the third party platform and start your margin trading on that platform

Margin trading services will not be provided by Bitexen Europe UAB or on Bitexen Global platform, but by a separate, independent and regulated entity through this entity’s platform.

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