Why I Can't Create Orders, Altough I Have Enough Balance in My Account?

Why I Can't Create Orders, Altough I Have Enough Balance in My Account?

The approximate value of the assets you are viewing from the chart in the “Account Summary” section represents the approximate total value of your available balance and the balances in your open orders. You can check your available balance for each cryptocurrency, listed below the chart in the Account Summary section.

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        There is no order numbers limit, as long as you have available balance in your Bitexen account. For any buy or sell order, the order price can't be 3 times higher or lower than the current price. Contact / Follow us on:  
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    • Will I Pay Commission/Fee for Unfilled Orders?

      No. As long as the order you place on your Bitexen account is not executed, you will not pay any transaction fee. At Bitexen, you only pay a trading fee for filled orders you place on Bitexen PRO board Contact / Follow us on:  
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