Bitexen Global New Reference and Commission Rebate System

Bitexen Global New Reference and Commission Rebate System

Bitexen Global new reference and commission rebate system is live. With the new system;
  • As Bitexen user, you can earn 3 EXEN for each new Bitexen user who registers with your reference code
  • All new registered users with the reference code earn 3 EXEN
  • You can increase your commission rebate rates if you lock EXEN Coins and
  • You can also get higher commission rewards on the new user’s trades who registered with your reference code.

You can lock EXEN Coins by the amounts seen in the table below and upgrade your level, change your commission rebate rate, and specify the commission rebate sharing ratio with your referees.

Your levels, commission rebate and reward rates for PRO and Insant Trades will be as follows:

With the new commission rebate system, Bitexen Global users get their rebates instantly in EXEN Coins, without any need to wait.

Before creating reference codes, you can calculate and test the rebates you will receive by using the rebate calculation tool, create several reference codes with various rebate sharing ratios, check the number of Bitexen users registered with your reference code and your total earnings.

You can create up to 5 reference codes and start receiving commission rebates as per the rebate sharing ratio you assigned to each code.

Program Details

  1. You can determine the your commission rebate rates and rebate sharing ratios on your referees’ trades from the reference program menu, create the reference code and share with your friends.
  2. With the standard reference code which can be created without EXEN locking, the rebate rate the referee gets is 3% which is calculated on the commission arising from the trades of the referee. The referrer and referee will share the other 3% of calculated on the remaining commission amount. The rebate sharing ratio will make the referrer specify the ratio by which this 3% will be shared between the referrer and the referee.

User A registered with your reference code which includes a 50%-50% rebate sharing ratio and 100 EUR equivalent commission is charged due to his/her trades. User A will get 3% (3 EUR) rebate, as there is no EXEN locked. You and the referee will also get and share the 3% of the remaining 97 EUR commission amount, which is 2,91 EUR. As the reference code includes a 50%-50% sharing ratio, you will get 50% of the 2.91 EUR, which is 1,455 EUR and User A will get remaing 50% of 2,91 EUR and the own 3 EUR rebate, which is 4,455 EUR
  1. The amount earned by your referee is subtracted from the total commission rebate and on the "remaining amount" your rebate is calculated by the ratio you determined and transferred to your account.
  2. Maximum 5 different active reference codes can be created in this system.
  3. 5 EXEN must be given away for the reference codes you will create with ratios other than 100% to 0% sharing ratio (for example, 80% to 20%).
  4. The usage period of each new code created is limited to 30 days. You can use the "Give Away EXEN” button to extend the period. You can continue to share the same code by extending the period.
  5. When the reference code expires, your rebates will continue through users who have previously subscribed with that code.
  6. By locking EXEN, you can change/increase your level in the system and the commission rebate rate you will receive. (Rates are shown in the table above.)
  7. Having EXEN in your account is not enough to increase your level. In order to increase your level, the specified number of EXEN must be locked.
  8. There is no locking time limit for locked EXEN coins. You can lock or unlock it whenever you want.
  9. By locking EXEN, you can increase the commission rebate rates you will receive based on the trades made by users registered with the reference code you provided before the new system started.
  10. Rebate sharing ratio for transactions to be made on Pro Board and Instant Trade can be determined separately, which can be chosen on the relevant menu.
  11. The maximum rebate sharing ratio that can be determined for the new user is 50%. 
  12. You can track the number of your referees and your total commission rebate in the relevant menu on the platform.
  13. The program covers all buying and selling transactions made on our platform.
  14. The new refrence and rebate system start date is 1 December 2023. As of this date, commission refunds and references will be calculated through the new system.
  15. You should carry out your trades on our website or mobile application.
  16. Rebate and reward in EXEN Coin will be instantly transferred to user accounts in return for the specified commission rebate amount.
  17. You can share your reference codes with your friends as “code” or as “QR code”.
  18. You can check current commission and commission rebate rates on page.
Participation Rules
  1. Program participants must be Bitexen users and their account must be a verified active account. (Customer Identification Form must be filled out.)
  2. Commission rebate amounts will be transferred to Bitexen user accounts. In case of delay, the user cannot claim any rights or compensation from Bitexen.
  3. This program cannot be combined with other campaigns, cannot be used as payment to any account, rights cannot be transferred or assigned to any person/account, and cannot be requested for change.
General Rules
  1. The guarantee and proof of the accuracy and adequacy of the information provided by the program participants to the system when registering on the platform belongs to the participant. Participants cannot hold Bitexen Europe UAB responsible for any incorrect information they provide.
  2. Participants cannot be under 18 years of age. Accounts that are owned by users under the age of 18 or persons which are identified to be using  someone else's account cannot claim any rights as part of the program.
  3. Bitexen Europe UAB is not responsible for any technical problems that may occur during and/or after the program.
  4. Transaction volumes, gains and similar data that you view in the relevant menu on the platform may not be updated as soon as you make a transaction, and short-term update delays may occur. Bitexen Europe UAB is not responsible for any losses that may occur due to such possible delays.
  5. Bitexen Europe UAB  has the right to make changes to the Participation Rules and terminate programs and events at any time and for any reason. The user must follow these changes. This change or cancellation does not grant any acquired rights to the users participating in the program.
  6. All users participating in the program declare that they accept these general rules. All inspections during participation in events are carried out by Bitexen Europe UAB which may request additional information and documents from the user at any time when deemed necessary within the scope of its audit.
  7. For users who act against the program rules, who try to change the event results by cheating and various ways, who try to intervene in the system using computer technology, who try to carry out transactions contrary to the policy within the scope of the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Policy (AML), and who carry out transactions aimed at gaining profits through unfair means, participation to the program can be canceled and legal action may be initiated. Bitexen Europe UAB reserves all its rights and the right to recourse to the relevant user for any claims from third parties in this context and for damages arising from the user's failure to fulfill its obligations stated herein.
  8. Risk Warning: There are price fluctuations in the digital asset market and users should make their own risk assessments. This announcement and the information contained do not constitute any investment advice, are an announcement made for informational purposes about a program that distributes rebates and rewards to users. Users accept and declare that they indemnify Bitexen Europe UAB from any liability and from any damage or claim, including court and other expenses that may arise as a result of any direct or indirect damages due to participation or non-participation in the program, any material, moral and financial damages such as loss of profit, loss of data, loss of business, loss of reputation, loss of expected savings, interruption of work, and compensation claims that may be made by a third party.
  9. Any tax liability that may arise due to the program is the responsibility of the users
  10. Bitexen Europe UAB is not responsible for any delays and/or any damages that may arise due to force majeure.
  11. For questions, complaints and suggestions about the program, the contact address is
  12. Istanbul Central (Çağlayan) Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized for disputes regarding these Participation Rules.
  13. In any dispute that may arise within the scope of the program, all records of Bitexen Europe UAB will be taken as basis.
  14. These Participation Rules enter into force on the date announced by Bitexen Europe UAB.
  15. Everyone who participates in this program are deemed to have accepted the program terms which may be changed by Bitexen Europe UAB.

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