Volume Competition Participation Rules

Volume Competition Participation Rules

What is Volume Competition?

The user makes trading volume as he/she trades with the parity which is subject to the volume competition (eg: BTC/USDT). The user’s rank increases to the top of the competition ranking list according to the amount of volume made. Starting from the top of the ranking, the first 3 users, the first 20 users, and all users who exceed the determined lower volume limit are given the specified amounts of crypto money rewards. In addition, every user who is in the lucky numbers in the ranking list is given an additional crypto money reward.

These rules and reward amounts may vary for each volume competition. The conditions of participation announced in each volume competition are decisive.

If there are competitors with the same trading volume in the rankings of the volume competition, the competitor who reaches the relevant trading volume first, takes the top place.

What is a Lucky Number?

Before the start of the competition, in addition to the ranking numbers randomly determined by Bitexen, the amount of crypto money specified in the volume competition is given. The numbers are announced before the competition, the competition ranking list is constantly updated and presented to the users. You can also track whether you are in the lucky numbers or how close you are, and you can determine your trading strategies accordingly.

For example, if the lucky number is 3, the ranking numbers that will additionally receive the specified amount of cryptocurrency prizes in the volume competition are: 3, 13, 23, 33, 43, 53, 63, 73, 83, 93, 103, 113

The volume competition is not a lottery or chance competition, it is purely a trading strategy contest. As Bitexen, we are happy to reward our users.

General Rules and Conditions

Bitexen Technology accepts the following provisions as a general rule for all activities it carries out or will carry out.

  1. Participants must be registered on global.bitexen.com or Bitexen Global mobile app and have completed all customer recognition (KYC) procedures.
  2. The proof of the accuracy and adequacy of the information that the event participants have defined in the system while registering on the platform belongs to the participant. Participants cannot hold Bitexen Technology responsible for the wrong information they have given.
  3. Participants cannot be less than 18 years old. Accounts under the age of 18 that are found to be participating in the event with an account belonging to someone else are not included in the event results.
  4. The start time of the competitions is 09:00:00 and the end time is 23:59:59. Competitions cannot be entered before or after the start time.
  5. Bitexen Technology is not responsible for technical problems that may arise during the event.
  6. Participation in this event cannot be combined with other events and campaigns.
  7. All users participating in the events declare that they accept these general rules. All audits to be carried out during participation in the events are carried out by Bitexen Technology.
  8. Violation of participation rules: All users who try to change the results of the event by cheating and various ways, try to interfere with the system using computer technology, try to carry out transactions contrary to the policy within the scope of Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Policy (AML), and carry out transactions aimed at gaining profit through unfair means will be cancelled. legal action can be initiated. Bitexen Technology reserves all these rights.
  9. If the buy or sell order created by the user matches the buy or sell order created by the user, the realized transaction is not considered as the transaction volume within the scope of the competition.
  10. In volume competitions, there is a user in each result level, for users with the same transaction volume, the time basis is examined.
  11. Bitexen Technology can announce the event winners on their social media accounts and declares that they accept this rule by participating in the event.
  12. Risk Warning: There are price fluctuations in the digital asset market and users should conduct their own risk assessments. This announcement and the information contained in it do not constitute any investment advice.
  13. Any tax liability arising from the events is the responsibility of the event winners.
  14. All users participating in the events declare that they agree to receive e-mails for the events.
  15. Bitexen Technology is not responsible for any damages that may arise due to force majeure.
  16. Bitexen Technology has the right to make changes in the conditions of participation, change and terminate the competition. The user has to follow these changes. This change or cancellation does not constitute vested rights for users participating in the competition or any other campaign.
  17. Istanbul Central (Çağlayan) Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in disputes related to these Terms of Participation.
  18. All records of Bitexen Technology will be taken as basis in any dispute that may arise within the scope of the campaign.
  19. All participants are deemed to have accepted the above-mentioned issues.
  20. For questions, complaints and suggestions about events, the contact address is globalsupport@bitexen.com.
  21. Bitexen Technology has the right to change the conditions of participation and terminate the activities.



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