EXEN Commission Refund Feature

EXEN Commission Refund Feature

Please see Bitexen Global New Reference and Commission Rebate System on this link: 
Commission Refund Feature below is not applicable since the launch of new Reference Program. 

As part of the commission refund feature, you can get half of the transaction fees you pay while trading at Bitexen, according to the amount of EXEN coins you have in your account.
Bitexen refunds the accounts of its users on the first day of every week and on the first day of every month, without waiting for following Monday. In order for our users to benefit from our transaction fee refund campaign, they must have a minimum of 10 EXEN in their accounts on the first day of each month and on Mondays.
For example, a user with 10 EXEN Coins in his account receives 10% of the commission fee refund arising from the trade he has made during a week, and another user who has 100 EXEN Coins in his account, 50% of the commission fee arising from the transactions he has made during the week. At the beginning of the next week, it will be returned as a commission refund.
General Conditions:
  1. At the time of commission refund, you must have 10 or more EXEN Coins in your account.
  2. Commission refunds are made on a weekly basis.
  3. Commission refunds are made within the week (the next week) following the week in which the transactions are made.
  4. Bitexen reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the campaign.
  5. This promotion can not be combined with any other promotion.
  6. Locked EXEN tokens are not taken into account when determining the rakeback rate.
Refund Rates:

Our users w ho have;
  1. 10 EXEN Coins and more, receive 10%
  2. 20 EXEN Coins and more receive 20%
  3. 30 EXENCoins and more, receive 30% 
  4. 50 EXEN Coins and more, receive 40%
  5. 100 EXEN Coins and above receive 50% of the commission they paid on a weekly basis.

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